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My best selling DVD called - "Stock Trading Success - Mastering the GAP Strategy" is available for purchase.

Lots of traders have benefited from my strategies.. 

Trading CD Cost - $449  

(If you prefer to pay by credit card instead, please email me)

CD Covers the following:

1 - Introduction - We talk about what to expect and topics that we will cover.

2 - Hardware and Software - Do not let the trading platform, hardware or broker services come in between your trading, essential things that you need to start with.

3 - Concepts Of Trading - Here we cover basic things about day trading and some of the misconceptions you need to know.

4 - Common Trading Terms - Terms that I will be using in my strategy is all we focus upon.

5 - Basic Candle Stick Patterns - Only essential candle stick patterns that one needs to be aware of. Do not be hung on the terms, only focus on the pattern and what it means.

6 - Introduction to GAPS - Covers everything that you need to know about GAPS and how to identify the GAP  list that I put on the blog daily before the market opens.

7 - Trading Plan - Brief concepts why it is important to have a trading plan and what should be part of your plan.

8 - Trading Terminology - Very specific to terms that I use on my trading and things that one needs to know to learn my strategy.

9 - Strategies - Lot of time is spent on the strategies explaining each one of them with details on entry, stops, adding to position, targets and exits with plenty of examples on buy and sell side.

10 - Trading Rules - Rules that cannot be broken while trading to be consistent.

11 - Advanced Concepts - things that will enhance your profits.

12 - Wrap Up - From the start of the trading day to end of the trading day, things that I do.

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Q1. How is your CD/DVD different than what is available in the market?
Answer: One big thing that differentiates my CD/DVD with so many that are available in the market today are:
- My CD/DVD is very specific to learning my proven strategy that I use on a daily basis.
- It covers terms, patterns that are needed for my strategy rather than covering every single                    indicator that is available in the market.
- It is a one stop shop that is enough for anyone to start trading.
 Most DVD's available in the market today cover basic/advanced techniques/concepts and indicators. All these can be found free of cost on most of the website when you search for it. None of the DVD's available out there talks about strategy that is making people profitable. Very few will talk about or teach you their strategy by which they are making money hence they invest a lot in training with promises to the future. My DVD covers my  strategy that I play and call on real time basis on twitter and stocktwits. 

Q2. There are so many indicators available, which ones to follow and do you cover those?
Answer: My CD/DVD is a complete set in itself. In order to trade successfully with my strategies, I have covered indicators that you need to know. If you wish to improve your knowledge, you can definitely read about the thousands of indicators that are available, but that will only confuse you. My CD/DVD takes you through exactly what you need to know so you can start trading without getting into too much complexities.

Q3. What is your refund policy on CD/DVD?
Answer: Please refer to the refund policy below.

Q4. Can I start trading after viewing your CD/DVD?
Answer: Yes, my CD/DVD covers basic trading terminology, introduces you to GAP concepts, candle stick patterns that is good to know and most importantly my strategies that I play daily. I call out my trades in the trading room with clear entry/adds/exits. I also call out my trades live (small delay) on stocktwits and twitter as the trades are formed and also put out charts explaining my trades on my blog/website. Once you view the CD/DVD, you will be able to trade like me. With any strategy that you play, first you have to trade on paper and once you prove to yourself that you are ready, should you put money. See my disclaimer section at the bottom of my home page.

Q5. How many hours is your CD/DVD?
Answer: My CD/DVD is close to 3 hours run time. 

Q6. There are 3-5 day classes available for trading, how can you cover everything in less than 3 hours?
Answer: You can learn the universe full of indicators and patterns and techniques, but while trading most of them are confusing and contradicting to each other. All of them will not align perfectly for you to trade. My strategy covers terms, patterns and strategy that is important to start trading rather than focusing on every single term used in the market. 

Q7. How do you ship the CD/DVD?
Answer: I ship it via 3-5 days FedEx that generally reaches within 1 week but if you want me to overnight it, please add $30 and I will send it via FedEx overnight delivery.

Q8. What is the difference between the "Online Trading Course" and the "CD/DVD"?
 Answer: The "Online Trading Course" covers the the introduction, strategies and wrap up while the CD/DVD
covers the entire course as outlined above. In other words, the "Online Trading Course" covers the following 
topics - 1. Introduction ; 9. Strategies; 12. Wrap Up.

Refund Policy:
No refund on CD/DVD "Stock Trading Success, Mastering the GAP Strategy" once the CD/DVD has been shipped, the purchase is nonrefundable. No refund on "Online Trading Course" once payment is made.

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